"You don't build a business.
You build people and then the people build the business."
~ Zig Ziglar ~


To all Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors:

Do you have “coaching” listed as one of your job duties?

If coaching is not in your job description, it should be!

If you are expected to coach your team members, have you been provided with any training to help you understand what Coaching really is, what it is not, and most importantly, how to actually coach someone?

Contrary to what you might believe, your job as a leader is not to tell them what to do and how to do it. Your main responsibility is to build and sustain healthy relationships with your team members in order to empower, encourage, and inspire them to develop their talents and succeed, both individually and collectively, so they want to do their best work.

This is where the Power of Coaching comes in.

Coaching skills are invaluable communication skills that both strengthen relationships and deliver results.

Extensive research conducted by Google’s People Analytics Team concluded that

“A good manager is a good coach.”

And yet, almost half the leaders surveyed by Forbes Magazine reported that they spend less than 10% of their time coaching employees. That's too big of a gap between the recommendation and the reality.

 Strong Coaching Skills is the #1
Leadership and Management Skill Set.
Google's People Analytics Team

Do you oversee the work of 2 or more people and...

   ...want your team to get more done in less time?

   ...want less drama within your team and more cooperation?

   ...want to stop micro-managing, and trust them to take responsibility?

   ...want them to work well together and achieve - or exceed - the team’s deliverables?

   ...want to have more productive and results-oriented conversations with everyone on your team?

   ...want to make more confident staffing decisions?

   ...want your team to really perform like a team?

Then this Self-Study guide was designed just for you!




Coaching Skills Quick Start

A self-study guide for every Manager, Team Leader, and
Supervisor who wants to get more done in less time,
with more cooperation and less drama.

Featuring: The 4-Minute Coaching Conversation!


The Coaching Skills Quick Start should be required reading for every leader,
manager and supervisor whether they have “coaching” in their job description or not.
In fact, this training guide should be in the standard new-hire kit for every new leader.

~ Deborah Dalton, Mentor Me Executive Director ~


YOU are in the Business of Relationships

One of the primary goals of the Coaching Skills Quick Start self-study guide is to help you integrate powerful Coaching Skills into your existing leadership toolbox in a way that it becomes second-nature for you facilitate purposeful, results-oriented interpersonal exchanges with anyone on your team.

Because regardless of what your company or organization sells or does, if you are in a leadership position, you are in the Business of Relationships.

If you want to truly inspire and empower your team to awaken their untapped potential and do their best work together, it's crucial for you to build strong and trusting relationships with everyone on your team. And the best place to begin is with this program!


In under 2 hours, you will know:

The 3 things every one of your team members wants (and until they get them, their success will never reach what you want from them)
What coaching is and what coaching is not (find out if you're doing these "is not" things without realizing it)
The 3 most important coaching tools to integrate into your current leadership toolbox (I’ll bet that #1 will surprise you!)
Why coaching your team always works better than just managing your team
A simple technique you can use anywhere and anytime to turn your chaos into calm (in just 60 seconds!)
A simple 3-step Coaching Process you can use to facilitate a powerful Coaching Conversation with any team member anytime!
How coaching can help you generate and sustain credibility, trust and rapport with your team members (the foundation of a truly inspirational, “evolutionary” leader!)
You will receive access to a list of over 50 “toolbox” coaching questions and
collaborative responses you can customize to the wide variety of situations
you experience with your team on a daily basis.


Here's what's packed into this 108-page self-paced guide:

   Part 1: Building Your Foundation
  1. Your Journey from Manager to Coach
  2. What a Coach Does and Does Not Do
  3. The 3 Pillars of Coaching
  4. Why Coaching People Works Better than Managing People
  5. The Coaching “Fire Triangle”
   Part 2: Time to Coach!
  1. If You Want Better Answers...
  2. More Coaching Tools
  3. The Coaching 3-Step
  4. The 4-Minute Coaching Conversation      
   Part 3: Your Next Steps...
  1. Coaching Mastery
  2. Links & Resources
  3. About Your Mentor Coach


You also receive special guidance throughout this program:

These challenges will help you unlock your inner coach and fill the gaps between where you and your team are right now and where you want to be.

Expand your leadership toolbox with these powerful questions and co-creative responses that you can customize to both your unique style as a leader and your team’s culture.

These workbook style exercises will help you track your growth and what you learn along your Journey from Manager to Coach.

There's a lot of information packed into each chapter, and these summaries will help you "bullet-point" the most important concepts to take with you.


How do I know if the Coaching Skills Quick Start Self-Study Training Guide is right for me?

This guide is ideal for you if you are at an executive, middle management or supervisory level in your organization and you oversee the work of 2 or more people.

This guide is especially ideal for you if you have recently been promoted from doing the work to overseeing the people who do the work (this requires an entirely different set of skills!).

Why this coaching skills professional development program?

Learn how to coach from a Master Mentor Coach!

If you want to learn how to leverage masterful coaching skills to empower and inspire every person on your team, then you want to learn from someone who not only knows what coaching is (and isn't!) and has operated a successful coaching business for many years, but also has extensive experience facilitating professional coach training.

This is what you, and by extension your team, receive when you choose this powerful leadership development program:



Logged over 4500 hours facilitating professional coach training since 1998


Personally trained over 1000 professional coaches from all
around the world


One firm belief that everyone can benefit from mastering coaching skills


What would you expect to pay for a comprehensive training guide that bundles over 17 years of Coaching and Coach Training experience into one concise and informative package?

Hundreds of Dollars?

Thousands of Dollars?

You can gain access to this extensive
body of knowledge for just $49*!

(*plus S&H and applicable tax; ships in 2-3 business days)

Click the link below to order your copies of this self-study program
packed with valuable information for you and your team:
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The material contained in the Coaching Skills Quick Start self-study training
guide is intended for professional development and informational purposes only.
Completing this program neither provides nor implies receipt of any form
of certification or other designation or credential as a Professional Coach.
If you are interested in becoming a Certified Professional Coach, contact Laurie.