The world we want to leave our children is one in which each of us knows how to build relationships that are sustained by mutual trust, kindness, compassion, and respect. It is only when each of us feels safe, valued, and connected that we can accomplish deeply meaningful work together. Please join us in co-creating these powerful relationships in our offices, homes, schools, and communities.

An Open Letter to All Leaders

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How may we serve you and your team?

Since 1998, WAKE UP! Enterprises has believed that, regardless of what your company sells or does, if you oversee the work of others, YOU are in the business of RELATIONSHIPS, and your team's performance depends on the quality and strength of those relationships. All of our services and programs are driven by a belief that a high performing team is a natural by-product of a HIGH RELATING team, so our work is focused on helping you integrate powerful coaching skills into your everyday work conversations. This focus comes from an understanding that coaching is a unique set of communication skills that both build positive, respectful relationships AND are oriented towards tangible results, measurable outcomes, and meaningful accountability.

Coaching Skills Quick Start

This cost effective self-study guide will teach you what coaching is and isn’t, why it’s more effective than traditional managing, a simple 3-Step Coaching Process, and how to structure “4-Minute Coaching Conversations” with anyone on your team… all in about 2 hours at your own pace.

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Coaching Skills Jump Start

Jump start your coaching skills with this personalized one-to-one live 4-week training by phone or video conference. Real-time practical application is customized to your own unique leadership style, work environment, and team dynamics.

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Your Coaching Culture

It’s easier than you may think to infuse your team’s culture with the qualities that make coaching so powerful: Respect, Results-oriented, Co-creative, Positive Communication, Trust, and Kindness. A workplace culture that supports high performance requires building HIGH RELATING teams first.

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Target your communications with your team members

Integrate powerful coaching skills into your everyday work conversations to help your team get more done in less time, and with more cooperation and less drama.

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Is it time to coach your team?

It's easier (and faster!) than you may think to bring the power of coaching to all of your conversations with your team members.

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Fun WAKE UP! Facts

Here's what you get when you work with WAKE UP! Enterprises:

18Years in business
4500Hours training coaching skills
1013Professional coaches trained
5Coach trainers trained

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LAURIE CAMERON is lovingly dedicated to spreading massive amounts of kindness, compassion, and respect as far and wide as she can. Her path to accomplish this is to teach the power of coaching to as many people as possible because it's a unique communication tool that both builds positive, co-creative relationships AND gets stuff done.

In her 18+ years of coaching hundreds of clients and training over 1000 professional coaches, she firmly believes that everyone can benefit from learning and mastering coaching skills. She is available for individual and small group coaching skills training, and mentor coaching for leaders who coach their teams.

Laurie is a senior faculty member at Coach Training Alliance, and is a Certified CTA Coach. She is also a Master Certified Opposite Strengths® Executive Coach, a Master Certified Relationship Coach with Relationship Coaching Institute, and a Certified Master Mind Facilitator.

She currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors for Mentor Me, a youth mentoring organization in Northern California, and treasures the time she spends with her 15-year-old mentee. Laurie is very active in the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce, regularly volunteers her time at numerous non-profit organizations in the community, and she loves living in the Petaluma Gap.

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