"Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space lies our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
~ Viktor Frankl ~


The following programs will help both you and your team members learn how to make the choices that will
consistently take you towards your goals rather than away from what you're committed to creating.



Regardless of what your company sells or does, if you oversee the work of 2 or more people, YOU are in the Business of Relationships. And the most important relationship you need to ensure is healthy and strong is the relationship you have with YOURSELF.

You must take the time to understand your unique bundle of strengths and how they make you successful and how they can get in the way of effectively coaching your team members.

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We all know that when 2 or more human beings come together to “co-labor” on a project, their unique styles and personalities can often clash. This is a natural part of being a human being - we’re all different. However, these differences can often derail individual effectiveness and team productivity, and create a challenging -- sometimes even toxic -- work environment.

You have the power -- and the responsibility -- to inspire and empower your team members to come together and take individual and collective responsibility for how and when the work gets done... and have fun doing it!

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Whenever you bring two or more people together to try to get something done, they will need to meet. Visions need to be formed and shared, strategic plans need to be designed, and results need to be analyzed. Unfortunately, meetings all over the world can easily disintegrate into unproductive chaos if no one is helping everyone stay on time and on task.

Bringing in an objective, respectful, professional meeting facilitator can mean the difference between a succinct and productive meeting and a waste of everyone's time and your organization's resources.

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If you're a Professional Coach, either currently in training, or already certified and in the process of building your business, you can leverage the power of working with a Master Mentor Coach.

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Start Coaching Your Team TODAY!



Coaching Skills Quick Start

What coaching is and what it's not
How to embody the Coaching Mind-set and "Heart-set"
Why coaching is more powerful than traditional managing
A simple 3-step coaching process you can use with anyone on your team
How to leverage the power of the "4-Minute Coaching Conversation"
Over 50 "toolbox" coaching questions and collaborative responses
How to both build relationships and get stuff done!