“You cannot teach a man anything.
You can only help him to find it within himself.”
~ Galileo ~


To all Professional Coaches: WAKE UP! your Coaching Business

Whether you’re a coach-in-training, a newly certified coach, or a seasoned coach, I’ll bet that you chose this profession because you want to make a good living making a big difference in the world. At a deep level you know the value, power, and magic of masterful coaching, and you’re motivated to share that magic with others. Am I right?

If all that’s true for you, THANK YOU for making this commitment to yourself, to your clients and to our world!

I also have a question for you:

What are YOU doing to leverage that power and magic in your own coaching business?

Do you need to…

  • Shorten your business-building and marketing learning curve?
  • Uncover your blind spots that are secretly sabotaging your success?
  • Create a clear path to the business and life you know you want?
  • Create a powerful system of accountability for yourself?
  • Tweak your current business/marketing plan to turbo-boost your effectiveness?
  • Sort through all the theories, options, and possibilities in your head and transform them into a sustainable, profitable and FUN coaching business?

If any (or all!) of the above apply to you and you’re ready to work with a master mentor coach, you probably don’t have to think about it too much – trust yourself. Review the following three levels of mentor coaching support and let me know how you want to move forward!


Git ‘er Done

Three 30-minute sessions per month

If you like to get in, get stuff done, and get on your way, this is the best choice for you. A whole lot of goal achieving and limitation-busting can happen in a finely-tuned, action-focused 30-minute coaching session.

Use your 30-minute sessions to:

  • Get crystal clear on your target market
  • Create a simple – and do-able – plan to attract ideal paying clients
  • Establish powerful business systems that work for you
  • Figure out the best way for you to work less and make more

Deep Dive

Two 1-hour sessions per month

If you prefer more time to explore, envision, expand, and implement, as well as more time in between sessions to accomplish all your goals, this is the best mentor coaching package for you.

Use these longer sessions to:

  • Create a client attracting promotional talk
  • Build a viable plan for multiple streams of income
  • Expand your growing business in new and exciting ways
  • Leverage what you know into programs, articles and courses

Strengths Mastery Coaching Session

One 60-minute Analysis of Strengths session

You're creating problems in your business and in your life -- without even knowing it! We all are - you, me, everyone. The good news is that it's not that difficult to figure out how you're doing this. And the better news is that it's not that difficult to actually resolve these challenges you're unintentionally creating -- just by being your unique self!

In this one-time 1-hour coaching session you will:

  • Discover how your unique bundle of strengths blocks your success
  • Learn the ONE simple secret to easily and quickly resolve these blocks
  • Create simple strategies to turn all your business and personal relationships (even the most challenging ones!) into collaborative alliances

Although this is a transformational stand-alone coaching session, it’s far from just a “sample session”. This session includes:

  1. The complete online Opposite Strengths® Inventory
  2. Your customized Analysis of Strengths Report
  3. Your personalized online Guide to Being Yourself and Guide to being Flexible
  4. Your own 24/7 access to all the online Opposite Strengths® resources

Your Investment

I’ve made the decision to make these Master Mentor Coaching packages financially accessible to even new coaches because this broadens my ripple effect in the world. I’ll likely never know the full impact of this ripple, but I do trust that it’s happening.

This is also my way of giving something back to the coaching community by helping new coaches create a solid start in this amazing profession.

Because every person you share your masterful coaching skills with is transformed for the better. When you and I co-create a fun, strategic path to ensure that your coaching business grows and flourishes, you can then reach more people with your unique gifts and talents. Then all those people have a positive effect on everyone in their lives, too.

When I serve you and your business, I serve the world.



Git 'er Done

$300* per month

(no minimum commitment)

 Deep Dive

$400* per month

(no minimum commitment)

 Strengths Mastery

$250* one time fee

(Add to any package for $200*)


Bring a Buddy!

Bring your business partner, spouse, life partner, or colleague to the Strengths Mastery Coaching Session and you BOTH receive the Inventory, Reports, and 24/7 access to the online guides listed above.

PLUS ... (and even more valuable!)

You will both receive your personalized Relationship Guide that will help you understand each other's strengths better and relate to each other at a more productive and empathetic level.

Strengths Mastery Buddy Coaching Session:
$175* per person

(This buddy session is 90 minutes long - you get an extra half hour together!)


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