“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race
has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential,
that word would be 'meetings'.”
~ Dave Barry ~


How Effective are YOUR Meetings?

  • Do participants wander off-agenda, or bring their own personal agenda?
  • Do participants argue, belittle or (yikes!) yell at each other?
  • Do some participants dominate, while others shrink back and hide?
  • Do participants text, email, or otherwise "check out"?
  • Do people walk out of meetings with unanswered questions or unclear direction?


  • Do your meetings have the impact you want them to?
  • Do you stick to the agenda and end on time?
  • Does everyone in attendance share openly and respectfully?
  • Do your meetings end on a positive energy?
  • Are participants fully attentive and do they feel valued?
  • Does everyone leave meetings with their own action plan and time frame?

WAKE UP! Your Meetings

Meetings -- whether between 2 people or 200 -- are absolutely necessary to every organization for a vast number of reasons. A few of the reasons are:

  • Leaders and Managers meet to establish a strategic plan.
  • Teams meet for regular project reviews, updates and revisions.
  • Executive Leadership Teams meet to brainstorm and evaluate new initiatives.
  • Boards of Directors meet to review budgets, performance, and strategic plans for organizations.

Without people coming together to plan, review, and refine the way they co-labor, everyone would be off doing their own thing, and very little would actually get accomplished -- the organization's vision would remain unfulfilled.

And without clear, strong facilitation, meetings can easily disintegrate into a free-for-all, filled with personal agendas, and end with everyone going off to do their own thing anyway.

Make Your Meetings Work FOR You

When you bring an objective professional in to help facilitate your meetings, your meetings will work FOR YOU.

  • Start and end on time
  • Keep everyone on track with the meeting agenda and purpose
  • Respectfully navigate all the different personalities so everyone feels heard and valued
  • Eliminate doubts about a facilitator's personal agenda or motives
  • Everyone leaves each meeting with an action plan and a time line
  • Get more done with fewer, shorter meetings

 What Kind of Meetings Benefit from Professional Facilitation?

  • Organizational Vision and Mission Discussion
  • Strategic Planning with Management Team
  • Board of Director Retreat
  • Executive Leadership Team Retreat
  • Inter-Departmental Collaborations
  • Non-profit or Volunteer Committees
  • Establishing and Sustaining a Task Force
  • Project Review
  • Inter-Agency Collaborations


Our YouthLINK Consortium was at a pivotal point of growth. We had a lot going for our collaboration effort but needed direction when it came to learning how to work together- communication, culture, and values.  Laurie Cameron did an exceptional job guiding us through the development of a much needed communication model and collaborative core values.  And, she did it all in two hours!  Laurie is a great addition to Sonoma County."

Matt Martin, Executive Director, Social Advocates for Youth
YouthLINK Consortium

Laurie's facilitation skills and ability to help move a group of individuals toward their common objective was superb. She was able to come into a diverse group of individuals representing 5 social service providers and guide the conversation toward creative, shared outcomes."

Katrina Thurman, Former Executive Director, West County Community Services

Positive changes are there. I know the meeting you had with the departments was so very helpful.”

 Sibyl Lister, Finance Director, PEP Housing

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