Coaching Skills Jump Start

Do you oversee the work of two or more people as part of your job duties?

If so, here’s a very important question for you:

Have you been trained to coach them?

If you have not yet been trained to integrate powerful coaching skills into your everyday conversations at work, but you understand the unique value of coaching as a way to both build positive relationships and get the work done, then the Coaching Skills Jump Start Introductory Pilot Program is designed just for you!

(For more on why it matters, read “An Open Letter to All Leaders”)

You don’t need to spend months (or years!) and thousands of dollars learning about coaching and how to coach your team members. You can get started in just four weeks.  This one-to-one live and highly personalized training program (by phone or video — no travel required!) will provide the perfect “jump start” you need to begin coaching your team members right away.

Here’s what you will learn and practice during your personalized training program:

Week 1: Building Your Coaching Foundation
Learn why coaching works, how both you and your team will benefit from coaching, create your vision as a leader who coaches, and set your goals to realize that vision.

Week 2: The Coaching “Fire Triangle”
Learn what’s required of you before you even open your mouth to coach your team, and practice crafting better questions to get better answers.

Week 3: The Coaching 3-Step
Learn a simple coaching process you can adapt to any work situation, and participate in a demonstration of the different steps. Also learn about the “4-Minute Coaching Conversation.”

Week 4: Practice Scenarios
Practice coaching real situations from your own experiences with your team.

Pilot Program Details:

⇒ Four weekly 1-hour training sessions (by phone, Skype, or Zoom)

⇒ Includes a copy of the Coaching Skills Quick Start self-study training guide

⇒ Make the self-study training information come alive!

⇒ Includes a list of over 50 “toolbox” questions and responses that you use can every day

⇒ A little bit of theory and a LOT of practical application

⇒ One-to-one personalized learning environment customized to your unique leadership style and team culture

⇒ Learn from a Master Mentor Coach who has coached 100s of clients since 1998 and has trained over 1000 professional coaches since 1999

⇒ Your investment for this one-of-a-kind introductory pilot program is only $495

So….. are you ready to jump start your coaching skills and empower your team to get more done in less time, with more cooperation and less drama?

If so, the next important step is to find out if you are eligible to participate in the Coaching Skills Jump Start Introductory Pilot Program.

CLICK HERE to take the Pilot Program Eligibility Quiz NOW!

(But hurry, this pilot program has limited availability…..)

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The material contained in the Coaching Skills Jump Start Introductory Pilot Program and the Coaching Skills Quick Start self-study training guide is intended for professional development and informational purposes only. Completion of these programs neither provides nor implies receipt of any form of certification or other designation or credential as a Professional Coach. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Professional Coach, contact Laurie.