"It's easy to get the players; it's getting
them to play together that's the tough part."
~ Casey Stengel ~

WAKE UP! Your Team

Your team has come together to get a job done. How they get that job done depends less on their technical ability to do the job, and a lot more on how well they work together.

Over 65% of performance problems result from
strained relationships between employees, not from
deficits in individual employee's skill or motivation.
Dan Dana, The Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict

Just as the problems you create by being your unique self are solvable, the performance problems created by strained relationships between your team members are also solvable.

If you want to build a truly sustainable high performing team, then you must build the foundation for a high relating team first. This is because the quality of your team's performance (either low or high) is a natural by-product of the quality of their relationships (either week or strong).

High Relating Team High Performing Team

The following programs are designed to help you and your team build trust and respect quickly. Your team's unique needs and your organization's budget will drive how these programs are blended and tailored to help you reach your performance goals.


Inside-Out Collaboration™

Contrary to popular belief, the process of building a high-relating team does not begin with the team as a whole. Developing a truly collaborative team actually begins with each individual.

It's time to put the 'I' back into 'Team'

At the heart of every relationship in every team is the relationship each individual person has with himself or herself. Before anyone can work effectively with anyone else, they need to be supported in expanding their own self awareness and relationship management skills.

"Collaboration isn’t just an idea for conference;
it’s a key operating principal for the next phase of
development in the 21st century."
~ Sir Ken Robinson ~

Build Your Collaborative Team from the Inside Out

Inside-Out Collaboration™ is founded on the premise that when people who work together get along well, the work gets done, the people enjoy it more, and they tend to stick around, too!

Results-oriented collaborations start with each individual’s capacity to build self-awareness of their strengths and counterproductive tendencies, then to co-create respectful collaborative relationships with each other.

From there, the individual relationships within the team build toward a more cohesive team overall, and the outward ripple effect creates a culture of collaboration throughout the entire team or organization.

Sustain Your Culture of Collaboration from the Outside In

Then this culture of collaboration that's been built from the inside out will ultimately sustain -- from the outside in -- the high level of teamwork and individual growth and mastery required to accomplish the desired outcome and results.

When people are empowered with the skills and ongoing support to relate to themselves and to each other in healthy and respectful ways, high performance, stable productivity, and greater profits are achieved much more easily and gracefully.


Team Strengths Training and Mastery

In order for your team to co-labor at the highest, most efficient level possible, they must understand their own unique bundle of strengths, as well as each other's strengths -- they must all speak the same Language of Strengths.

Language of Strengths

Trust, respect, and collaboration happen more naturally when you and everyone on your team is committed to building strong, healthy inter-personal relationships. As they engage in this strengths-based relationship building process, they will gain a clear understanding of:

  • Their individual unique bundle of strengths and how they each create their own challenges (like you do!)
  • How they tend to make things worse when they're under stress or in conflict with others
  • Where their self awareness and relationship “blind spots” are (they have them, too!)
  • How they can easily resolve conflicts with their team members & fellow human beings

When you help them master a common Language of Strengths, they can also:

  • Individually take 100% responsibility for their own thoughts, words and actions
  • Collectively take 100% responsibility for how and when the work gets done
  • Build trust, rapport, and mutual respect with each other quickly and confidently
  • Transform themselves from your “followers” into inspired leaders of their own work and their own lives
  • Create a solid foundation for their continuous personal and professional growth and development
  • Become an “Evolutionary Team” that propels your organization into the future with passion and purpose

"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."
~ Henry Ford ~


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