"What do we live for, if it is not to make life
less difficult for each other?"
~ George Eliot ~


About Laurie CameronLC rounded corners

I LOVE what I do!

I believe in the Power and the Magic of Masterful Coaching.

I trust that my work makes a positive difference in people’s lives and in the world.

I feel exceptionally honored that so many people all over the world have blessed me with the gift of their trust for the last 18 years.

Being a Coach, Author, Facilitator, and Trainer are the perfect vehicles to live my own Purpose to help every man, woman, and child feel safe, valued, and connected, so we can co-create relationships that are sustained by kindness, mutual respect, and compassion.


Here's what I’ve learned from coaching hundreds of clients globally and facilitating over 4500 hours of coach training for over 1000 professional coaches around the world:



We ALL have untapped Wisdom, Power and Potential inside us, waiting to be brought to the surface - you, your team, me, everyone. Even those among us who seem to be the most successful have dormant potential within, waiting to be tapped into and expressed. And those of us who know this are driven to find it and express it.


We ALL create challenges and problems just by being our unique selves. Each of us has our own blind spots, and if we're open to exploring the world inside us, we will benefit from "evolutionary" self-examination - especially when assisted by an objective, caring person who can be both a compassionate mirror and accountability partner.


We ALL have the capacity to live our lives BY DESIGN, rather than by default. We have all developed habits, thought patterns and stories throughout our lives that block or hinder our forward progress, mostly without even knowing it. In the moment we are aware of what's not working in our lives, we have 100% pure freedom of choice.


We ALL benefit from learning coaching skills, not just those who train to be professional coaches with their own business. Coaching is a powerful style of communication, mindset and "heart-set." Learning and mastering coaching skills has the power to transform every area of your life and the lives of all the people around you.

My Own Coach Training

Certified Executive Coach, Opposite Strengths, 2010

Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance, 2002

Master Certified Relationship Coach, Relationship Coaching Institute, 1999

Graduate, Coach U, 2001

Coaching & Training Others

Owner, WAKE UP! Enterprises, 1998 - present

Senior Trainer, Certified Coach Program, Coach Training Alliance, 2002 - present

Lead Trainer, Opposite Strengths Coach Certification Program, 2011 - 2014

Lead Trainer, Relationship Coaching Institute, 2000 - 2004

Service to My Community

Board Member, Mentor Me, 2013 - present

Youth Mentor, Mentor Me, 2012 - present

Active Member, Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce, 2012 - present

Member, South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, 2000 - 2010

Volunteer Relationship Skills Instructor, Women's Bean Project (Denver, CO), 2009 - 2010

I regularly offer pay-what-you-can training and meeting facilitation to local non-profit staffs and Boards of Directors.

Other Fun Stuff (or at least I think so!)

I care deeply about transforming the way we educate our children, and I'm in the process of creating a Life & Relationship Skills program for schools. If you want to know more, or think you might want to be part of it, please contact me.

I LOVE living in Petaluma, California! The wonderful, caring people committed to serving each other and the community, the Sonoma Coast, the scads of wineries, and the green, snow-free winters captivated me from the day I moved here on February 23rd, 2012.

I have sung the National Anthem at a Colorado Rockies baseball game 5 times. (No, not by myself, with the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce Ensemble when I lived there.)        --------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------------------------


          >> Can feel the undeveloped potential within your team and believe they’re capable of much more...
          >> Believe in the power and magic of coaching and want to know how you can more easily leverage it...
          >> Are ready to lead your team and live your life by design
rather than by default...

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